Write Essay (3 paragraphs)

Writing Essay (3 paragraphs) This is a High School assignment


Critical Lens: “A work of literature must provide more than factual accuracy or vivid physical reality… it must tell us more than we already know.” – E. M. Forster


Consider the quotation above and decide whether you agree or disagree with it. Then, write an essay in which you support your assessment of the quotation through analysis of one or two of the literary texts you have read. Be sure to support your argument with specific details from the literary text(s) you have chosen. Your analysis should include consideration of formal features of the text(s), such as plot, setting, theme, and characterization.

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Can anyone help me with a sales report?

Assignment:  Sales Report

Textbook:  Chapter 14 – Short Reports

Sample: page 471

Student Learning Objectives

Students will:

· Prepare a professional report for a supervisor and/or sales team in a memo format that includes a visual.

· Apply an Excel formula to calculate increase/decrease in sales, interpret results, and make recommendations for business operations.


A sales report is one of many short reports that are listed on page 461.  A sales report provides data that helps managers plan for the future.  It can show popular items, stagnant sales, seasonal products, and trends in purchases.


Using a memo format and the data in #3 on page 492, prepare a sales report to your supervisor that shows the percentage increase/decrease in sales for all appliances and treatments.  Add a column to the chart to show the percentage change.  Include the chart in your memo.

To calculate the difference you will need to subtract October sales from November sales and divide by October sales.  For example, for the first item, refrigerators, the percentage increase is:

103 – 72

72                 = 43.06%      Limit the decimal places to two.

Calculate Percentage

You can easily calculate the percentage change in Excel by creating a formula.  Symbols for commands are found at  Home on the toolbar.

· Enter the data from the exercise, including the product name.

· From  Home on the toolbar, create the formula:  =SUM(C2-B2)/B2

Note: Line 1 will be the column headings.

· Highlight the percentage column and use the down arrow to fill in the formula for the entire column.

· Press enter.  Results will appear for each appliance.

· To limit the decimal places to two, use the 00 icon found on  Home.

· Then use the percent symbol (%) to change your fraction to a percentage.

· Following is a sample of the steps.


Product October Sales November Sales Percentage Increase/ Decrease
Refrigerators 72 103 0.43055556
Dishwashers 27 14 0.48148148


Product October Sales November Sales Percentage Increase/ Decrease
Refrigerators 72 103 43.05%
Dishwashers 27 14 -48.14%


In your memo, identify the product that had the best percentage sales and best unit sales.

Based on the data, make three recommendations for sales, production, store promotions, and/or reordering or stocking appliances.  Remember you are using last year’s sales to plan for the upcoming fall season.  A sample sales report is on page 471.  Be careful and note that you are writing about appliances, not entrees (food).

Submit your assignment in Blackboard.





























Page 492 Data #3

3.Assume you work for a household appliance store. Prepare a sales report based on the information contained in the following table. Include a section on recommendations for your manager.

  Number Sold
Product October November
Kitchen Appliances    
Refrigerators 72 103
Dishwashers 27 14
Freezers 10 36
Electric ranges 26 26
Gas ranges 10 3
Microwaves 31 46
Laundry Appliances    
Washers 50 75
Dryers 24 36
Air Treatments    
Room air conditioners 41 69
Dehumidifiers 7 2










Sales Report Example

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Discuss Anton Kriel’s complaint about mass education and how you can take control of your education to ensure you live independently.

Discuss Anton Kriel’s complaint about mass education and how you can take control of your education to ensure you live independently. Also in your discussion explain which one of the five principles you find most useful and how you can apply that principle to help you reach your goals in life.

Quote from the video. Include three or four quotes. Please be detailed in your discussion and try to reach the 500-word requirement. You may go over 500 words. Remember the more you personalize your writing the more powerful it reads so use the pronoun I.

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