How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essays require you to use multiple sources. To present a balanced argument on a topic, you combine the information from different sources. Do you want to know the best way to write a synthesis essay? is the right spot!

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay describes a piece that provides a unique perspective on a central theme or idea. Then, you back it up with evidence from multiple sources. A synthesis essay plays an important role in academic writing.

This essay serves the main purpose of proving an argument. You will need to use credible sources to make sense of these arguments. It shows that you have a basic understanding of the topic. This type of essay will help you to increase your critical analysis and research skills. The synthesis essay asks you for a summary of the topic and your own thoughts.

Synthesis vs Summary: What Is the Difference?

A summary is a paraphrase of the source text in your own words. It is important to include all key elements of the text in a summary.

Synthesis is the combination of ideas from different sources. You don't have to include all the key points, just select everything that is relevant to your topic.

What Does Synthesis Mean in Writing?

Synthesis is the process of connecting and summarizing different sources regarding a topic. Synthesis essays often combine analysis and synthesis, even though they are two different things. There are two stages to the process:

  1. Conduct the analysis. For that, you break down a problem into parts and analyze the sources. It’s helpful to highlight everything regarding your topic while reading.

  2. Carry out the synthesis. The next step is to formulate an opinion and combine the highlighted information from the sources.

Synthesis Essay Outline: How to Write

It is useful to map your essay in order to structure it. This is a way to combine information from different sources and reorganize it to create a new direction. You need to analyze the author's ideas and draw your own conclusions. This is known as a synthesis matrix or graphic organizer.

This is a chart that you can create when you start writing your essay. You will see a horizontal column containing the main ideas, and a few vertical columns containing sources. Your task is to select the right sources and then write down your main ideas.

How to Write Synthesis Paragraphs for the Main Body

The main body of an essay is made up of a few paragraphs. Each paragraph presents a different argument based on the topic.

Begin a paragraph by introducing a topic sentence. This will inform the reader about the main idea of the paragraph. Then, you should include the synthesized resources and elaborate on them.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

Here are some steps to help you write a great synthèse essay.

Choose a Topic

Choosing an essay focus is the first step in writing a successful piece. When you choose your topic, make sure to consider who will be reading it and how much they know about that subject.

Gather Information

Choose an interesting essay topic and then collect data to write your thesis statement. Be sure to read the sources carefully you research, so they are easy for you when developing a strong, persuasive argument.

Synthesis Essay Thesis

Synthesis writing includes a thesis statement, the main argument for your essay. Thesis statements summarize an idea and provide supporting arguments to make it more convincing so readers can get on board with you.

 Synthesis Essay Introduction

The introduction paragraph of the synthesis essay is an opportunity for you to catch readers' attention and ensure they have a clear idea of what your paper will cover. Therefore, the first sentence should be catchy yet informative; it needs to grab their interest without giving away too much or too little information about the direction of your argument.

Synthesis Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of an essay is the most important part, as it summarizes what you were talking about in the body. However, if there are any major themes or facts worth remembering that have not yet been mentioned in your paper, this would be a great place to mention them.

How to Conclude a Synthesis Essay

There are many ways you can conclude the synthesis papers. Here are some options:

Paraphrase the thesis:

Remember that the thesis is the main idea in your essay. It is a good place for your readers to recall the thesis. After they finish reading, they will remember the most important part of your essay.

Synthesize the arguments:

It is not necessary to repeat all the points you made in your essay. Let's just summarize the most important points.

Answer the “So what” question:​​​

Tell readers why you chose this topic, and why it is valuable to them.

Provide closure:

It is an effective strategy if you want to make your reader think. You should leave them with a strong statement at end of the essay.